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Between Social Media and Computer Games
Organisator: Barbara Lüneburg & Marko Ciciliani

Sa 21. Juli 2018, 17:30 – 18:30
Bessunger Knabenschule, Halle

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Composer and researcher Marko Ciciliani and violinist and researcher Barbara Lüneburg offer a view into their artistic research projects GAPPP and TransCoding.

Slices of Life (2016/17) by Barbara Lüneburg and the Community of TransCoding | What if?

Kilgore” (2017/18) by Marko Ciciliani

Marko Ciciliani monome/game pad |
Barbara Lüneburg violin/game pad |

„GAPPP: Gamified Audiovisual Performance and Performance Practice“ is an arts-based research project conceived and run by composer, audiovisual artist and project leader Marko Ciciliani. Computer Games have become a fashionable area of research, which has been covered by many different fields of research in the humanities and in the arts. However, only to a comparatively small extent have computer game elements been explored in the realm of audiovisual composition and performance.
Game-interaction – and the doubling of the player in the game in a virtual space – offer a large potential to create a liveness quality of a novel kind. This does not only concern the performer who is interacting with a responsive audiovisual system but can also engage an audience as “backseat-players”. This artistic research project therefore sets out to explore the combination of game strategies and performer interactions for its artistic potential beyond the mere imitation of computer games.

Kilgore (2018) for two performers and a game system by Marko Ciciliani has been developed in the framework of GAPPP.
Here, two performers interact via two instances of the same game; their actions mutually shape the other performer’s game. An extensive 3D landscape works at the same time as additional instrument and score in which the performers have to fullfill concrete tasks and goals.

Barbara Lüneburg developed Slices of Life (2016/17) in the framework of the artistic research project TransCoding-
From ‚Highbrow Art‘ to Participatory Culture supported by the Austrian Science Fund as PEEK-Project AR 259-G21).
The topic of the artwork is identity and the many facets identity can take on. Lüneburg investigated, if people can be
encouraged via social media to contribute to a multimedia artwork and what this does to art, artist and contributors.
Images, texts, and sounds samples for the show are to great parts contributions of TransCoding’s community who she
and her team inspired to get creative for the project.

Slices of Life had participants from Cuba, Spain, Canada, Croatia, USA, Austria, Philippines, Armenia, Russia, England,
Poland, Bulgaria, New Zeeland, Germany, Romania, France. Its contributors are: Louis Aguirre, Victor Barceló, Julien
Charest, Gloria Guns, Anthony Green, Camilla Hoitenga, Olivia Kieffer, LIA, Feliz Anne Macahis, Katarina Michelitsch,
Anahit Mughnetsyan, Alina Murzakhanova, Paul Norman, Heghine Ohanyan, Mikolaj Pociecha, Alexandra
Radoulova, Hali Rey, Damian Stewart, Felix Christian Thiessen, Sabina Ulubeanu, Isabelle Vigier, Michael Wolters,
Susanne Wosnitzka and students of the Karl Franzens University Graz and the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

Both projects are funded by the Austrian Science Funds as projects PEEK AR 364-G24 and PEEK AR 259-G21 and are based at at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz/Austria.

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