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Blind Date
Organisator: iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo & Lisa Biscaro Balle

Di 24. Juli 2018, 16:00 – 17:00
OS 5

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Blind Date

this showing is a result of a three year research process that i have been doing with the body and the violin separately and as one, working on concrete sounds and contemporary techniches being used for the body in dance and performance art as well as in contemporary music. All on the search for an individual but yet clear projection of coherent and organic gestures, composing volcabulary to be used by a violinst and performer/dancer simultanously, being the instrument an extension of the body and viceversa.

Blind date is the performance space created by two performers, in which they co-relate in set up rules like any first date, to allow getting to know each other. A non verbal road where the principals of authentic movement as Impuls for each other as well as the limitation of the amount knowledge of each performers habilities and qualities in their practised disciplines makes up a perfect setting for this Date.

With this research i hope to encourage other artists. specially composers and choreographers to dare to challenge a musician as a performer, as well as creating a space for artists that move between art fields on a certain level.

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