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[Concert] Seoljanggu (2014-8) for janggu (Korean drum) solo and dance
Organisator: Kelvin King Fung Ng

Mi 25. Juli 2018, 17:30 – 18:00
OS 3

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This piece aims to capture and fathom the spiritual essence of concert setting. It sets out to distance two collective mental spaces, one private and one public. The shared and accumulating experiential conditions of the spatio-temporally co-existing audience over time are regeneratively recruited and intensified, contrasting it to the remaining public knowledge not exclusively possessed by the concert audience. Tensions are first and foremost located between the seemingly normal appearance and the underlying divergences in its functional meaning. Secondly, between the empathetic immediacy of tiniest corporeal and muscular materials and the constantly shifting mediatedness of relations among elements of abstraction and their corresponding concrete modes of appearance through perceptual and cognitive cues. Thirdly, among the mental activities of attention, evidencing, deducing and expecting of the above dimensions motivated by uncertainty due to the lack of hard evidences. The Korean janggu playing and dancing tradition provide most favourable preconditions for these tensions to take place and develop.

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