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eventuell. performance
Organisator: Vera Wahl, Manuela Villiger

Fr 27. Juli 2018, 12:00 – 12:30
OS 5

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The swiss saxophone duo eventuell. was founded in 2015 by Manuela Villiger and Vera Wahl. These young musicians passionately dedicate themselves to contemporary music and its adequate performance. As an open-minded and experimental duo, eventuell.‘s performances are not limited to instrumental works, but to any kind of art performance including light and video staging. In addition to the auditive dimension, the duo is seeking to provide a further visual dimension to its audience and create a visual space to the musical performance. eventuell. is pursuing the making of a unique statement through its performances. The young musicians not only deal intensively with the questions of their themes but also try to look for personal answers to the questions raised. Confronting the audience with these complex questions about society and helping them finding a possibility to cope with these is a principal aim of their performance.

Dieter Ammann (*1962) - d’accord(s) (2004)
Matthew Shlomowitz (*1975) - Letter Piece No. 5 Northern Cities (2008)
Alex Mincek (*1975) - Karate (2003)
Simon Steen-Andersen (*1976) - Difficulties Putting It Into Practice (2007)
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