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Guitar Class Second Take
Organisator: Carlo Siega

Do 26. Juli 2018, 16:30 – 18:30
OS 4

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Spin-off concert of the guitar class.


– E. Krenek: Suite op. 164
– J. Malaussena: (EP)Scra’p
– B. Wylie: An inequality, wind flower (e-guitar duo)
– E. Rykova: Know-how to skyrocket your Stratocaster and zigzag to Callisto
– O. Thurley: polynya, or ever less
– M. Andrè: from “iv” – a, b, d (classical guitar duo)
– C. Czernowin: Knights of the Strange (e-guitar & accordion)
– R. Wanamaker: Parallels (e-guitar 4et)

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