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Organisator: Delprat Marie/Ruben Santorsa

Do 26. Juli 2018, 14:00 – 14:30
OS 5

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Ensemble Aabat/Santorsa

Linking the musical works together, short interlude videos and voice reflect on the human being behavior on earth… as half animals, how do we deal with impulses and our conscience?

Fausto Romitelli  Simmetrie d’oggetti (1988-1989)
In Simmetrie d’oggetti the instrumental technique is very minimal, involving only a few tools and sound parameters that then develop in a very subtle way throughout the entirety of the piece. A few sighs and moans punctuate the musical discourse, like an abandonment or the end of a struggle against oneself.

Yesid Fonseca Bi-two-misch(ung)
Para Marie y Ruben
It dies in fear, drowns in anger, falls apart and with military discipline buries itself, a voice that welcomes the rage victim of fear.

Maurizio Pisati Alp (1995) for guitar and flute Paetzold in F by Maurizio Pisati. A spirit from the Alps coming into your dreams, tingling your mind and haunting your soul…

Marie Delprat : recorders/video
Ruben Mattia Santorsa : Guitar
Katelyn King : Voice
Technical support : Yesid Fonseca and Michael Schmid

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