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Organisator: Klexos

Di 24. Juli 2018, 12:15 – 13:00
OS Showcase

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Founded in 2016 and motivated by the same musical and artistic concerns, Klexos is a project betting on the development of the music of our time. This initiative emerges in the cities of Bordeaux (France), Basel (Switzerland) and Lübeck (Germany) by the hand of four young Spanish artists sharing the same musical idiosyncrasy. Gathered under the main group of the saxophone and with the same vision of sonorous, artistic and communicative possibilities; KleXos continuous with the development of contemporary and avant-garde music, acting as a medium of diffusion of current composers. As a group they have worked with several composers and premiered works by Gonzalo Navarro, David Moliner, Ángela Gómez and, currently, they are developing an innovative project with Pedro González. Since its foundation they have had the opportunity to bring their music to national and international Halls (Germany, Switzerland, France, Mexico) combining this work with teaching, by which they bet as means for the evolution of the music and their own instrument.

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