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Living Statue : Ruhe im Puff
Organisator: Chi Him Chik

Mi 25. Juli 2018, 16:00 – 17:00
OS 5

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The possibility to engage this space with a twisted approach and questioning the quality control of interpretation and audio awareness.

The idea is to take what you see visually as, not always what you hear – the choice and interpretation is left for the audience to take in what you perceive and question whether what is produced as real, fake, prerecorded or live.

This is to compare how we see things, how we interpret and why we put ourselves in this self-reflecting analysis. The question of what we expect to hear, what we expect to listen and what we expect to experience when we see performances.

Rowan Hamwood, flutes
Kay Zhang, saxophone
Ding Zhang, object
Chi Him Chik, electronics

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