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Music for Saxophones and Implanted Electronics – Performance and Feedback
Organisator: Chi Him Chik

Mi 18. Juli 2018, 14:30 – 15:30
OS 5

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Three works composed with the use of Implanted Electronics with different approaches.

Implanted electronics is a way to modify electronic sounds, by putting a speaker into the saxophone and using the body and different key openings of the instrument to manipulate the electronics sounds.

Pilgrimage by Ying-Ting Lin (Influences of Chinese Folk Music and Recorded Sounds, and incorporate between Implanted electronics and tape)
The Nature of Shadows by Daniel Fawcett (Fixed Media on Implanted electronics and RGB Lights)
Into the SOUND by Chi Him Chik (Free improvisation on Implanted Electronics)

Discussions with feedback for future development of this device would be appreciated after the performance!

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