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neueweise — sexy fonts = sexy scores
Organisator: jef chippewa

Mi 25. Juli 2018, 16:00 – 17:00
OS 4

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The NEUEWEISE font family was designed to respond to the diverse needs of New Music notation and greatly enhance the look of any score. The vast selection of symbols found in the Notes, Articulations and Pitches fonts are essential components in any toolkit geared to meeting the specific and diverse needs of today’s music.
Earlier versions of the font set (designed by jef chippewa / shirling & neueweise) were used in spahlinger’s “ÉPHÉMÈRE” (PEERMusik) and in Lachenmann’s 2010 new edition of “PRESSION” (Breitkopf).
The font set, released publicly in January 2015, establishes a new reference for notational and graphic design in new music scores.
jef chippewa presents the fonts along with scores that highlight their graphic design elegance. These sexy fonts can help you make sexy scores.

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