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„Non-cochlear Music“: presentation by Viola Yip and Nicola Hein
Organisator: Viola Yip

Di 24. Juli 2018, 11:00 – 12:00
OS 3

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Coined by Seth Kim-Cohen, the term “non-cochlear sound”—a parallel to the non-retinal art such as Duchamp’s fountain— is used to invite an openness to “rehear [the sounds], rethink them and re-experience them from a non-essentialist perspective.”

We are trained to consider music and sounds through their sonic properties and within fixed notations from our musical training. In this presentation, I am implementing an unorthodox way to look at music as an abstract form of vibrational energies that is conceptualized in our bodies through our understanding of music. I argue that sound is only one of multiple musical materials, and that any other vibrational, non-aural forces can function as music.

Nicola Hein and Viola Yip is going to present their idea of „non-cochlear sound“ and the recent works that they have developed from the idea.

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