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o ur gab LIVE!
Organisator: Ben Zucker

Do 26. Juli 2018, 17:00 – 18:00
OS 3

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‚o ur gab LIVE!‘ is a scripted performance piece/composition mixing vocal improvisation, noise, and sound poetry in the form of an absurdist podcast vaguely concerned with issues of sound and language. (The title plays with the name of Kenneth Gaburo, who conceived of language as an extended vocal technique with a corresponding ‚compositional linguistics‘). As an occasional listener to a couple of podcasts, informative and dramatic, I wanted to find a way to incorporate experimental modes of speech into the narrative and structural tropes of podcasts, especially the seemingly ubiquitous conversation-based series, and the typified presentation of NPR storytelling series, such as This American Life. Presenting such a podcast as a ’special live episode‘ offered more opportunity to highlight spontaneity and improvisation in relation to podcasting’s highly mediated liveness.

A script was developed involving modular collections of speech (both legible and illegible), background and transitional music, and spaces for vocal and gesture-based improvisation.

As this is a live episode, audience interaction is encouraged, and guests will be solicited.

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