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To be –or not to be– published
Organisator: Maxime Barthélemy (Maison ONA)

Sa 21. Juli 2018, 10:30 – 12:00
OS 3

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Open discussion about scores and publishers.

You are a performer, composer, engraver, publisher or score user ? Come share your experience.

How you work, what you expect, who you choose, where you use and why you need scores.

To be developed :
• Score(s)
• Writing
• Media
• Technology
• Major / independent publishers or self-publication
• Social and economical dynamic around scores

Organizer :
Maxime Barthélemy
Co-Director at Maison ONA (éditions)

New music scores, including :
Raphaël Cendo, Luc Ferrari, Pierre Henry, Ramon Lazkano, Bernard Parmegiani, Gérard Pesson, Pierre Schaeffer etc.

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