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Yours Mine: explore individuality and co-composing possibility
Organisator: I-lly Cheng

Mo 23. Juli 2018, 16:30 – 18:10
OS 3

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A composer’s individuality is reflected in his/her composition/ A performer’s individuality is reflected in his/her interpretation.
“Yours Mine” is a project that explores a cross-cultural collaboration process between a composer and the performers.

How do we cultivate cultural awareness in a creative process?

How do we break from the traditional composer/performer roles allowed for open dialogues in a collaborative process?

In the project, the performers will take part in the process of composing by choosing the various musical materials in a questionnaire given by the composer. As each person comes with different life experiences, cultural backgrounds, preferences to different sounds, the outcomes of each composition will be unique.

In part one of the piece, the performer will take a quiz that will determined the musical content. The form of the piece will be controlled by the composer but the performer will be asked to think about the meaning of chosen materials drawing from his or her own experiences.

There are three layers: instrument, voice, and tape. The instrument is opened to the interpretation of the performer. The voice part involves two languages: my native language Mandarin and performer’s native language. The electronics part is a series of sound examples based on the questions in the questionnaire. The performer will be asked to provide recordings of each sound example and they will be played at the same time during the recording or the performance.

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