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Defragmentation: Ways of Listening
Listening Session With Lendl Barcelos: Unknown Audio Subjects

Do 19. Juli 2018, 13:00 – 17:00
Schader-Forum (2nd Floor: Red Salon)

Free admission, registration is required:
Participants are kindly requested to stay
for the whole four-hour session.

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Listening Session: Unknown audio subjects
Hosted by Lendl Barcelos and Berno Odo Polzer

Lendl Barcelos is a Portuguese-Canadian researcher, philosopher and sound poet based in Brussels. Lendl’s auditory practice establishes ways to listen otherwise via the play between abstract dynamics & a more empirically oriented physioacoustics. His work has appeared internationally via Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow), Cure Park (Amsterdam), The Passive Collective, TATE Britain (London), OR Gallery (Berlin), V4ult, /V\inibar (Stockholm), Diapason (New York) and MIT Press. He is part of Asounder & the collaborative artist 0[rphan]D[rift>].

Ways of Listening

Ways of Listening is a series of afternoon sessions that put centre-stage the capacity of listening as a political and politicized condition. The three 4-hour gatherings eclectically interrelate practices of listening with ­questions of decolonization, aiming at reflecting the enclosures and exclusions of Western modernity (including their manifestation in so-called New Music), problematizing its underlying power matrix, and considering non-Western narratives and genealogies. Sound and listening not only register the coloniality of power of our world, but actively co-produce it. At the same time, listening as a way of relating to the world — both as a metaphor and as a concrete, sound-specific practice — has much to offer when it comes to imagining and exercising a post-hegemonistic, post-centric present and future. Ways of Listening is the first in a “Defragmentation” series of experiments dedicated to decolonizing listening and will continue in 2019 in the context of MaerzMusik — Festival for Time Issues in Berlin.

Registration is required:
Participants are kindly requested to stay for the whole four-hour session.

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