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Kirsten Reese, Tarek Atoui, Wieland Hoban

Fr 27. Juli 2018, 10:00 – 14:00
Lichtenbergschule (Mensa)

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10:00 Lecture Kirsten Reese:
Beyond aura – narratives of memory and appropriation

Finding the present in the past and maybe projecting into the future — the lecture will point to strategies of dealing with historic and archival material in selected works in the eld of performance, theater and composition.
It will be discussed how — through embodiment and re-enactment, documentary and processed sound, musical interpretation and spatial installation – references are made and meaning is constructed. “Understanding” these works is not so much a question of explanations as of irritation and bewonderment.

11:30 Lecture Tarek Atoui

As artist composer navigating between visual arts and music, Tarek Atoui will present his understanding of the act of composition today. He will take examples from his project WITHIN to show how he composes with research, education, performance and production as much as he does with people, instruments, sounds and situations.

13:00 Lecture Wieland Hoban:
Working from the inside: Parametric approaches to composition

With such a strong focus on discursive and conceptual elements in New Music today, it is easy to lose sight of questions relating to the details of instruments and their workings. While pure instrumental music seems outdated to many in the younger generation, working with and potentially recombining the separate parameters that characterize each instrument and its techniques can open up sonic and performative possibilities that keep alive the potential for highly individual and contemporary musical formulations.

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