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Open Call: Technology in Music – Making Project
Call for Composers, Artists, Musicians, Makers & Technologists

Technology in Music – Critical Making, Thinking & Writing
curated by Camille Baker
as part of the DEFRAGMENTATION – Curating Contemporary Music project

Ever thought about designing a new instrument? In this workshop, participants will build their own instruments using sensors, software, and everyday objects. Bring your own laptop and speaker if you have one. Together, we will build devices that can make sounds separately or as one giant instrument all together. No prior programming experience is required. Be ready to engage with and learn some new approaches to music-making!

This hands-on, drop-in workshop, will take place over two optional sessions each day it runs. The first morning session 10:00–12:00 will be all about making. The second 12:00–14:00 session will be held in tandem with the first session of our sister writing group, who we will be exploring our ideas of de-fragmented instrument design and making with for their book sprint. Makers are invited to join the writing group in the final session of the day 15:00–17:00 as well, to capture and explore their process and ideas.

Dates: 15 – 24 July (tbc)

  • morning session 10:00–12:00
  • afternoon second session  12:00–14:00
  • late afternoon final session 15:00–17:00



Interested composers, artists, musicians, makers or technologists can apply to participate with a proposal of what they might like to make, addressing in some way one or a combination of the above topics above (and a few sentences on why that topic interests them).

Please send a brief proposal of why you are interested in participating and what you hope to bring to the project in terms of your experience, background, activities and specialism and why.

Please include

  • your name, email and contact details
  • proposal for making artefact
  • a short cv
  • applicants must include at least one work from their existing portfolio together (links only)
  • list of types of making tools, materials, etc, that you would like to work with (i.e. electronics/harware – which – software, equipment, tools, etc.)
  • list of materials / equipment that you can bring with you

Please send your application as ONE PDF (with the title containing your lastname) to:

Participants are chosen based on their ideas and background but the project will be a collective outcome and so the final outcome may be different than proposed.

Applicants in this call can be, but don’t need to be enrolled as participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course.

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