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Studio Christian Dierstein, Françoise Rivalland & Håkon Stene

Interpretationsstudio mit Auswahlverfahren

Dozent*innen: Christian Dierstein, Françoise Rivalland & Håkon Stene

Bewerbungsschlus: 15. April 2018

Die Bewerber*innen erhalten bis Ende April 2018 Nachricht durch das IMD. Die Online-Buchung des Kurses wird danach für die ausgewählten Teilnehmer*innen freigeschaltet.

Contents of the percussion studio:

1) Performance of Liza Lim’s „Atlas of the Sky“ (Thursday, 19 July 2018)
with Speak Percussion from Australia

Percussion students (approx 20 players) will be forming an onstage mob.

2) percussion ensemble concert (Friday, 20 July 2018) with pieces by Thomas Meadowcroft, Michael Maierhof, Atli Ingólfsson

Part of the concert is a presentation of the workshop with Milica Djordjevic for composers.

3) „Nature Theater of Darmstadt“ (Thursday, 26 July 2018)
Project with composers Lucia Ronchetti and Cathy Milliken, the percussion tutors Françoise Rivalland, Christian Dierstein, Håkon Stene, all percussion students and 6-10 composer students:

open-air laboratory in different locations of Darmstadt where composers and percussionists can use city structures and elements of nature like trees or stones, working structures, mechanism, fountains, in order to create a percussive theatre.

4) masterclasses with Håkon Stene, Françoise Rivalland, Christian Dierstein and Speak Percussion

5) individual lessons:

Håkon Stene (first week)
Françoise Rivalland (2nd week)
Christian Dierstein (both weeks)

6) class concert with solo pieces

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