Call for Participation

Music Theater Performance
With: God’s Entertainment and Peter Kutin

The call for participation is aimed at instrumentalists and conductors.
Number of participants: approx. 15 instrumentalists
Deadline for applications: 1 June 2018

Working period: rehearsals between 15 and 24 July 2018
Dress rehearsal: 22 July 2018
Premiere and second performance: 23 and 24 July 2018
Exact dates and duration of rehearsals upon personal arrangement.
An expense allowance is granted for the participation in this project.

The play TARZAN is being prepared by the performance group God’s Entertainment in cooperation with the composer Peter Kutin. TARZAN is a multidisciplinary project challenging the use of instruments in their symbolism and trying to offer a new interpretation. For God’s Entertainment, the character Tarzan is a phenomenon lending itself to performative analysis on account of its virtually never-ending life in the collective memory of popular culture. The ambivalence of Tarzan, who can be read both as a caricature of typical white, heterosexual Western masculinity and as a utopian hybrid critical of civilisation combining and cancelling the contradictions between nature and culture, is fanned out in associative situations by means of diverse interlaced media (video, music, performance, installation).
Current discourses on the relationship between man and nature, civilisation and cruelty, racism and colonialism are at the core of the performance.

Applicants are requested to send a short CV to
by 1 June 2018.

Important note: An expense allowance is granted for the participation in this project.

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