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Artistic Research
Presentation of the workshop with Marko Ciciliani and Barbara Lüneburg

Wed 25 July 2018, 16.00
Bessunger Knabenschule

Tickets (5 €) at the box office only.

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With participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course

Artistic research is a young discipline which has stirred up not only academic but also artistic discourse. It is based on the notion that knowledge is inherent in aesthetic experience and practice. This knowledge is not necessarily directly accessible through reason; it often evades the logic of language, and can therefore not be approached through regular research methods alone. Its practitioners typically work across scholarly and artistic disciplines, drawing from methodologies of other domains while adding an inside perspective specific to their individual artistic practice. The workshop by Marko Ciciliani and Barbara Lüneburg is about various forms of artistic research and practices, methodologies, research goals and forms of presentation. Participants are assisted during the development of their own artistic project that can be presented as a work-in-progress at the end.


BRIAN QUESTA (born July 11, 1988) is an Irish-American composer, multi-instrumentalist and installation artist whose work spans electro-acoustic music, performance art and new media.

FELIX NAGL is a pianist/performer and member of the Stuttgart-based Ensemble “Pony Says”.

VIOLA YIP is a New York-based composer-performer, interested in exploring the sonic materiality of instruments and found objects, as well as incorporating our musical performing bodies as a form of technology in creating new musical experience.

DAMIAN T. DZIWIS is a composer and engineer from Düsseldorf/Germany, creating the majority of his audiovisual works with generative algorithms, artificial intelligence and self developed instruments.

DAVOR BRANIMIR VINCZE is a contemporary music composer residing in the US; his art reflects his interests for social phenomena, reverberation, new technologies and artificial intelligence.

LORA MARIJA KMIELIAUSKARITĖ is a Lithuanian violinist and actress.

ADRIÁN ARTACHO, a PhD candidate at the University of Music and performing Arts of Vienna, is a composer whose work revolves around the phenomenon of spontaneous synchronicity.

TINE SUREL LANGE is a Norwegian composer and sound artist working with the surrounding world both thematically and as material.

EIRA BJØRNSTAD FOSS is a Norwegian violinist, working with contemporary music and improvisation. She is a member of the new music ensemble Tøyen Fil og Klafferi.

PIETRO DOSSENA (M.A. in Composition, PhD in Musicology) is a composer based in Milan, interested in the exploration of inter-art relationships from a poetical and semiotical standpoint.

MARIE DELPRAT is a schizophrenic artist living in Bern.

KATELYN KING is a schizophrenic artist living in Bern.

RICHARD STENTON is a composer and publisher based in Birmingham/UK; the majority of his creative output is through website/publishing house stentondotpress, exploring ideas a print and media through musical practices.

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