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Electronics Atelier IV
Presentation of the Workshop with Ryoko Akama

Sat 28 July 2018, 22.30
Centralstation (Saal)

Tickets (10 €) at the box office only.

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Ryoko Akama’s fascinating anti-adrenalin approach to compositional and improvisational performance will close the Darmstadt 2018 Electronics Atelier. The workshop is about exploring diverse levels of experiencing music that directly and indirectly relate to how we participate in the world as individual human beings. How can mundane objects be hacked and animated by motors or other methods or simply be used as sound sources? How can we disentangle the de nitions of “stage” and “audience”? Small and significant is the title of Ryoko Akama’s hands-on workshop: an uncommon, very delicate artistic setting.

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