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Defragmentation: Ways of Listening
Listening Session With Rolando Vázquez: Towards Decolonial Listening

Wed 18 July 2018, 13.00 – 17.00
Schader-Forum (2nd Floor: Red Salon)

Free admission, registration is required:
Participants are kindly requested to stay
for the whole four-hour session.

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Listening Session: Towards decolonial listening
Hosted by Rolando Vázquez and Berno Odo Polzer

Rolando Vázquez belongs to the movement of Decolonial Aesthesis and Thought. Together with Walter Mignolo he initiated and coordinates the Middelburg Decolonial Summer School. His work seeks to transgress the dominion of contemporaneity, heteronormativity and modernity/coloniality. Through the question of precedence and relational temporalities he seeks to contribute to decolonizing institutions, epistemology, aesthetics and subjectivity. He is associate professor of sociology at University College Roosevelt, affiliated to the research institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) and the Gender Studies Department of the University of Utrecht. He regularly gives keynotes in academic and cultural institutions.

Ways of Listening

Ways of Listening is a series of afternoon sessions that put centre-stage the capacity of listening as a political and politicized condition. The three 4-hour gatherings eclectically interrelate practices of listening with ­questions of decolonization, aiming at reflecting the enclosures and exclusions of Western modernity (including their manifestation in so-called New Music), problematizing its underlying power matrix, and considering non-Western narratives and genealogies. Sound and listening not only register the coloniality of power of our world, but actively co-produce it. At the same time, listening as a way of relating to the world — both as a metaphor and as a concrete, sound-specific practice — has much to offer when it comes to imagining and exercising a post-hegemonistic, post-centric present and future. Ways of Listening is the first in a “Defragmentation” series of experiments dedicated to decolonizing listening and will continue in 2019 in the context of MaerzMusik — Festival for Time Issues in Berlin.

Registration is required:
Participants are kindly requested to stay for the whole four-hour session.

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