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Defragmentation: Morning Lectures
With Martin Tröndle, Tim Perkis, Sandeep Bhagwati and Rolando Vázquez

Wed 18 July 2018, 10.00 – 12.30
Schader-Forum (Basement: Lecture Hall)

Free admission

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10:00 Lecture Martin Tröndle:
The classical concert, situation and institution

Sociologist Martin Tröndle, chair of cultural production at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen examines the traditional concert format in light of the social and political discourses within which it is imbricated, and with regards to today’s (wider) performance culture.

10:40 Lecture Tim Perkis:
Speaking with the mindless

As we encounter ever more electronic devices which can speak and listen, we are all going to have to get comfortable with the idea of having conversations with non-organic entities. Can we design good conversation partners to join us while engaged in artistic processes? Can we move beyond having soul-less interactions with machines designed to follow our orders or collect data about us, and find a way to brainstorm with entities without brains?

11:20 Lecture Sandeep Bhagwati:
Curating painful paradoxes

Current new music curating, more often than not, is a pragmatic presentation of music and ideas readily at hand, targeted at new music in-groups and fans. Like many other niche and nerd events, new music festivals and concert series often avoid hard questions about new music itself and its role in a larger societal context, thereby sidestepping its aesthetic paradoxes and cultural premises.

12:00 Lecture Rolando Vázquez:
The decolonial option and the practice of listening

Decolonial thought shows us that there is no modernity without coloniality. Modernity, the expression of the western model of civilization is inextricably implicated with coloniality, with the destitution of others and the extraction from earth. Decolonial listening seeks to overcome the dominance of representation and the canon of modernity to enable forms of experience capable of hosting the difference of the other, of hosting other worlds.

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