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Sound and Light Performance with Speak Percussion 💡

Mon 16 July 2018, 16.00
Lichtenbergschule (Große Sporthalle)

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Juliana Hodkinson: Thresh (2017/18) – World Premiere / Commission of the Darmstadt Summer Course
Damien Ricketson: Rendition Clinic (2015)
Eugene Ughetti: Pyrite Gland (2015)
Juliana Hodkinson: Lightness (2015)
Simon Løffler: e (2015)

Speak Percussion:
Eugene Ughetti (Artistic Director)
Matthias Schack-Arnott (Artistic Associate)
Louise Devenish

Sound Engineer: Tilman Robinson
Lighting: Nick Roux (Pyrite Gland)
Electrics: Rowan Cochran – Prodigious Concepts
Design & Construction: Tom Burless (e)
Production: Richard Dinnen – Megafun
Producer: Sheah Sutton, Michaela Coventry

Fluorophone, a project by Speak Percussion in close relationship with the involved composers, creates a kaleidoscopic sound world in which the central instruments radiate, flicker, glow and burn. Analogue and digital fluorescent lights, the naked flame, strobe lights and custom-built LED discs are combined with percussion to create a program in which the music and lighting design are one and the same. Fluorophone moves between noise, theatrical music and virtuosic instrumentalism, in a synesthetic display of light and sound. For the Darmstadt premiere of this project Juliana Hodkinson created a new piece as a commission of the Summer Course.

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