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Hearing Metal and Nylon
Percussion Studio Presentation

Fri 20 July 2018, 16.00

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Thomas Meadowcroft: Cradles (2013)
Michael Pisaro: Hearing Metal 3 (after Brancusi’s Prometheus bronze of 1911) for sixteen suspended cymbals (2010)
Michael Maierhof: ZONEN 4.3 (2018) für 6 Spieler auf Nylonsaiten
Carola Bauckholt: Hirn & Ei (2010/2011)
Yiran Zhao: SHH 1, Solo für einen Kopf (2015)
Cathy van Eck: De Beweging (2017) for 4 performers
Elena Rykova: The Mirror of Galadriel. Performance for two performers, a tennis table and pine cones (2012)
Atli Ingólfsson: SULPHUR PULSE (2003) for 6 percussionists
Arash Yazdani: Sho’ebadeH (2015) for 3 musicians with flexatones and slide-whistles

Participants of the Percussion Studio of Christian Dierstein & Håkon Stene

Discovering the timbres of objects. Establishing tactile relationships with the objects – with analogue music devices (Meadowcroft), geothermal power plants (Atli), nylon strings and plastic cups (Maierhof), cymbals (Pisaro), pine cones and table tennis tables (Rykowa), jackets (Bauckholt) and heads (Zhao). These elements appear in the special selection of pieces with which the participants in the Percussion Studio of Christian Dierstein and Håkon Stene will present themselves. This concert will feature works by composers who can largely dispense with conventional percussion instruments, focusing instead on movement, performance and the percussive use of objects.

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