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Instrumental Music by Éliane Radigue

Tue 17 July 2018, 22.00
St. Ludwig

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Occam XIII  for bassoon
Occam XI  for tuba
Occam River XII  for cello and harp
Occam River XI  for bassoon and cello
Occam V  for cello
Occam Delta XVI  for tuba, bassoon and harp – Uraufführung
Occam Delta VII  for tuba, bassoon, cello and harp

Dafne Vicente-Sandoval (bassoon)
Robin Hayward (tuba)
Charles Curtis (cello)
Rhodri Davies (harp)

The great French Electronic music pioneer Éliane Radigue devoted much of her artistic work to translating synthesizer feedbacks into highly exquisite astral sounds. Her celebrated works often lasted several hours – formidable, expansive pieces that very gradually unfolded with slow, monumental gracefulness. Sometime around the turn of the millennium she decided to stop composing for the computer. Instead, her ultra-slow music was to be played on acoustic instruments. Radigue is working on a cycle of solo and shorter ensemble pieces called OCCAM in line with the theory of philosopher William von Ockham, which states that the simplest option is always the best one. The personal relationship between composer and interpreters and close collaboration are elementary for Radigue’s work process. She writes for very specific people she knows, whose musical ethos she holds in high regard. There are no musical scores, only verbal instructions – and this is how Dafne Vicente-Sandoval (bassoon), Robin Hayward (tuba), Charles Curtis (violoncello) and Rhodri Davies (harp) will immerse themselves in Radigue’s sound cosmos and create a very special acoustic atmosphere in the expansive sound space of St. Ludwigs-Kirche.

On the following evening, we will present Éliane Radigue’s latest extensive electronic composition at the Darmstadt Summer Course: L’île resonante

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