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Real Accanto
Trio Accanto with music by Martin Schüttler, Stefan Prins, Yu Kuwabara and Marco Momi

Sun 15 July 2018, 14.00

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Martin Schüttler: xerox (2003/16) for alto saxophone, percussion, piano and duplicates
Yu Kuwabara: In Between (2018) 8’ – German Premiere
Marco Momi: VUOI CHE PERDUTI (2018)
Stefan Prins: Mirror Box (Flesh+Prosthesis #3) (2014) for amplified sax, percussion, piano and electronics

Trio Accanto:
Marcus Weiss (Saxophone)
Nicolas Hodges (Piano)
Christian Dierstein (Percussion)

Technological reproducibility changed art in the 20th century like almost no other invention. Questions regarding original and copy, forgery and genuineness, etc. had to be fundamentally raised once more, even more so in times of advancing digitization. The concert by Trio Accanto centers on compositions by Martin Schüttler and Stefan Prins that take different perspectives on this topic. Martin Schüttler’s piece XEROX explores the aspect of the non-authentic and non-genuine: the synthetic saxophone sound, the poor cell-phone recording of a piano, the immense digital post-processing of a drum loop. Stefan Prins asks how far the boundaries between original and copy have already blurred with his piece Mirror Box: The one-off “live” has become a permanent “re-live” – the digital copy as “fake reality” of the live performance.

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