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Rückspiegel 4: Marbe
Concert-Lecture with Ulrich Mosch

Fri 27 July 2018, 14.00
Lichtenbergschule (Kleine Sporthalle)

In English. Tickets (5 €) at the box office.

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Two performances & lecture

Myriam Marbe: Jocus secundus (1969)
German Premiere at the Darmstadt Summer Course 1972

Ulrich Mosch (Lecture)

Despite diffcult conditions in her home country, the Romanian composer, filmmaker and music critic Myriam Marbe (1931 – 1997) developed her personal musical handwriting through a direct engagement with the western Avant-garde. The work Jocus secundus was written at the end of a period of political opening in which she was able, for a certain time, to acquaint herself with the latest developments at western festivals and courses.

In the four concert-lectures entitled “Rückspiegel” (Retrospective), the musicologist Ulrich Mosch will present, in sound and words, four works by female composers that were performed during the first decades of the Darmstadt Summer Course. In addition to the works themselves and their connections to the respective questions of the time that were being discussed in Darmstadt and elsewhere, there will be a special focus on the di erent paths taken through life by these composers, who belong to different generations and come from different parts of the world. Each event will open and close with a complete performance of the work in question.

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