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Street Music
The Accordion Studio in Town

Thu 26 July 2018, 16.00
Different Locations in Darmstadt

No tickets required.

With participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course

The name says it all: Performances will not be held in a concert hall or on stage, but on the street. In this way, music becomes a part of the public soundscape; it shapes it and influences the people moving about in it. During the 2018 Darmstadt Summer Course the “Street Music” project will be presenting a broad range of musical performances in the public sphere. Whether performed in a pedestrian zone, in a park or at a railway station, the works by the course participants will each be composed and conceived for the location in question. Silent or loud sculptures, a fascinating sound that people in the neighborhood will remember for a long time, or a remarkable stroll. Musical vestiges, impressions, points of contact waiting to be discovered across the city.

16:00 Luisencenter, Exit “Schuchardstrasse”

16:20 Wilhelminenstraße 13, Entrance Luisencenter and Wilhelmstraße 9, Entrance Passage

16:45 Main gate of the public park Herrngarten (between Landesmuseum and Staatsarchiv)

Afterwards, the percussionists will play at different locations in the park.

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