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Welcome Fanfare
Welcome of the Participants and Concert with Weston Olencki

Sun 15 July 2018, 10.00 – 11.30
Lichtenbergschule (Große Sporthalle)

Tickets (5 €) at the box office only.

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Welcome address by Thomas Schäfer (Artistic Director of the Darmstadt Summer Course)

Jessie Marino: Ritual I :: Commitment :: BiiM (2011)
Katherine Young: puddles and crumbs (2014/15)
George Lewis: Oraculum (2016)

Weston Olencki (Trombone and Electronic Devices)

Kranichstein Music Prize Winner 2016, Chicago based trombonist / composer Weston Olencki is now returning to Darmstadt, framing the program with a solo performance at the beginning and a trombone duo concert on the last day of the Summer Course. On the pieces he’s bringing with him, he writes:

“Throughout my time at the Darmstadt Summer Course, I’ll be talking a lot about community. The kind of community that forms from sustained, personal investment in the people you wish to spend your creative life with. (…) Each of the three pieces I’ll perform represent three stages in my personal relationships with people and with creative communities: George Lewis is unquestionably a formative individual for me, whose work and practice has been essential in determining my creative path and the paths of others like me. I was not involved in the creation of this piece, but through sustained attention and practice, I can come to a deeper knowledge of his own musical horizons. I also was not involved in creating Jessie Marino’s piece, but through performing it, we became close friends, eventually ending up in [ensemble] Pamplemousse together, in a process that shifted from a composer-performer relationship to a friend whose regular presence and ideas I value immensely. And finally Katie Young was one of the first people I ever really worked with on something – I was an undergrad, amazed and inspired by her work as an improviser and bassoonist and asked if she would be interested in collaborating. This piece is the culmination, but not end, of years of friendship and sharing, where her generosity and knowledge led to my own sustained engagement with technology as a performer and later, technology’s central presence in my own compositional work. It’s an honor to use my platform here to present this work of those I find meaningful.” (Weston Olencki)


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