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Open Call: Free Darmstadt
We are looking for 90 seconds of your music!

We are looking for 90 seconds of your music – a complete piece or a section from a piece, a composed piece or an improvisation, a musical statement – all submissions will be shown, without exception. No matter who you are, what you send, it will be presented.

Works will be installed as videos on a large screen, the music will be heard via headphones. You can submit a video or audio file. In the case of a pure audio work, the screen will be black. Your name and the title of the work will be shown in the video.

All submissions will be shown in the afternoons of 23 and 24 July 2018 as part of the project “Free Darmstadt” by Martin Schüttler – one of the private concerts of the OurEars project with Nadar Ensemble. No further showing or publication is planned.

Please note:

  • The work must be the creation of the person who submits it. Covers or interpretations of work by others are not permitted.
  • Only ONE work can be shown by each participant with a maximum duration of 90 seconds. If an individual sends more than one submission, or submits material longer than 90 seconds, a selection or reduction will take place without consultation.
  • All works will be accepted, except works which feature offensive, inflammatory or hateful content, etc. If a work is to be rejected, this will be done after consultation with the individual who submitted it.

Deadline for submission is 14 July 2018! ⏱

The work should be e-mailed as a download link (please no files!) to:

The following file formats are possible: .mpg .mp4 .mov .avi (Video) .wav .aiff .mp3 (Audio)

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