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Composing for Accordion
Workshop Rebecca Saunders & Krassimir Sterev

Workshop with selection process
Participants: composers, accordionists
Deadline for submissions: 8 June 2018
Applicants in this call must already be enrolled as participants!

This special 5-day program which will take place in the first week of the Darmstadt Summer Course is intended as an active collaboration between musicians and composers. Emphasis is on the process of the program, where specifically a close communication between performer and composer is explored and developed on several levels.

Principle points of focus include:
1. active collaborative exploration of the accordion
2. experimentation of the potential of a single sound, gesture, action or idea
3. improvisational und explorative techniques
4. precise notation and communication
5. composition and performance of new piece.

Maximum number of participants: 6 accordionists and 12 composers

Each accordionist will thus be working in a team with 2 composers.
The groups will meet a number of times – this program is therefore a rather intense one, counting on everyone´s active participation.

The composers will explore and expand their prepared ideas or simply start from scratch and develop new ones, during the process of exchange and collaboration with the performers.
The composers base their sketches on a single idea, timbral fragment, gesture or action, during the process of exchange and collaboration with the performers.
The resultant miniature compositions of approx. 6-8 minutes will be presented and performed in a concert on 21st July 2018.


Please send the following documents by 8 June to

– 1 recent chamber music or solo score as PDF (not necessarily for accordion)
– plus the relevant recording (preferably as a soundcloud / Dropbox / Google Drive link, no download of files possible)
– a short cv

Composers will be selected and given notification in June.
Selected composers shall consider and prepare a short sketch (of 30 seconds only!) for accordion, with a clear focus on a single sound, action, or musical (or non-musical…) gesture.


First applications will be taken.



Applicants must already be enrolled as participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course 2018.

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