Composing for Percussion Ensemble
Workshop Christian Dierstein, Milica Djordjevic, Håkon Stene

With selection process
Participants: composers and percussionists
Deadline for submission of applications: 1st April 2018

Maximum number of participants: 5 composers

Work phase: 15 to 20 July 2018


5 composers take part in an intensive 6-day class with tutors Milica Djordjevic, Christian Dierstein, Håkon Stene, and their students:

  • Presentations and extensive group discussion of one work for each participant;
  • Group lessons/discussions/seminars focusing on the current piece (the one that will be developed during the workshop);
  • 4-day composer + percussion workshop with Christian Dierstein, Håkon Stene and their class;
  • Rehearsals and a concert on 20 July 2018, or later in the context of IMD’s Open Spaces.

The focus is on creating a lab-like, collaborative environment, and close composer-performer cooperations. Composers are strongly encouraged to research and find the material during the working process with the performers. By encouraging this working approach, we are aiming for some good kernels that can become great music after this experience, and, ideally, this should be a starting point of further collaborations.

  • Exploration of one single idea / musical nucleus (may be a sound, gesture, action…and) its development – concentrating on compositional technique(s), working with the material and perfecting craft;
  • Probing and experimenting with instrumental techniques in active collaboration between performer and composer;
  • Developing precise and clear notation;
  • Performance of a short piece for 1–3 percussionists, or, a draft up to five minutes, at the percussion concert on 20 July (alternatively Open Space later, by the end of the Ferienkurse)


The works should involve 1–3 percussionists employing any sound producing object of the composer’s choice as long as it is possible to realize within the practical framework of the percussion studio. We encourage applicants to opt for small-scale set-ups, and possibly, if employing unconventional instrumentations, bring their own instruments or electronic devices to the workshops. Conventional instruments are available in the percussion department. Concepts may be submitted with or without any form of musical notation.

Duration: 1–5 minutes.

Composers will be selected and notified by 1st May 2018.

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