Double bass
Studio Uli Fussenegger


tutor: Uli Fussenegger

Key Topics:

1. Public workshop + concert with 4 new works by composers Asia Ahmetjanova, Joan Gomez Alemany, Sylvain Marty, Yulan Yu for guitar, double bass and live-electronics

Instrumental realization by participants of the classes of Yaron Deutsch and Uli Fussenegger

Artistic Coaching: Yaron Deutsch, Uli Fussenegger
Sound/Live-Electronics: Carlo Laurenzi

2. Improvisation with and without electronics, development of concepts dealing with sampling, re-synthesis, live-electronics, “Scan” technique

3. Coaching in solo literature for double bass, support of participants for other projects within the Darmstadt Summer Course 2018

4. Support in instrumental technique as well as in solving other technical or performance practice problems

5. Internal workshop on how instrumentalists position themselves in today’s new music scene, evelopment of perspectives and strategies

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