Artistic Research
Workshop Marko Ciciliani & Barbara Lüneburg

Artistic Research as Compositional or Performance Practice

With selection process (completed)
Deadline for submission of applications: 31 January 2018

For performers, composers and sound-artists who

  • wish to create a new composition, performance, improvisation or artwork which is imbued by an interest in artistic research,
  • are interested in enriching their artistic practice through rigorous self-reflection,
  • search for ways to indulge deeply into a specific topic based on methods of artistic research,
  • wish to develop new performance models through artistic research.
  • (are participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course 2018)

Maximum number of participants: 10-12



  1. Development of the participant’s artistic project (composition, performance, improvisation, soundart)
  2. Application and implementation of principles of artistic research in the participant’s own project.
  3. Discussion about the nature of artistic research. What is artistic research? What means of expression does it offer? How can an artist gain from artistic research for his or her own artistic practice?
  4. Introduction to different concepts, methods and procedures of artistic research.
  5. Development of unconventional forms of presentation of the research’s findings, e.g. through fusions of lectures and concerts, hybrids of methods of artistic practices or other alternative formats as discursive audience participation, public intervention, transmedia presentation (online/offline) or other formats.

Artistic research is a young discipline which has stirred up not only academic but also artistic discourse. It is based on the notion that knowledge is inherent in aesthetic experience and practice. This knowledge is not necessarily directly accessible through reason; it often evades the logic of language, and can therefore not be approached through regular research methods alone.

Artistic research does not follow a fixed set of procedures. Its practitioners typically work across scholarly and artistic disciplines, drawing from methodologies of other domains while adding an inside perspective specific to their individual artistic practice.

In this workshop, Marko Ciciliani and Barbara Lüneburg will shed light on various forms of artistic research and point out possible practices, methodologies, research goals and forms of presentation. Participants will be assisted to find and select the research tools that are appropriate for their project. Furthermore, they will be helped to find ways to share the gained knowledge through unconventional artistic expressions.

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