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Ensemble Nikel

Nikel is a quartet consisting of saxophone, electric guitar, percussion and piano. A mix of traditional and contemporary, these instruments combine to form an alternative chamber music output where electric and acoustic sounds are fused into a unified sonic organism built on a wide, yet discerning musical vocabulary. The continual search for new musical ideas is not based on aesthetic prejudice or dichotomies of musical genres, but on passion and devotion to making and performing great music.

Founded in 2006, the ensemble is a frequent guest at many of the community’s most well-known festivals of contemporary music: Wien Modern (Vienna/Austria), Darmstadt Summer Course, Klangspuren (Schwaz/Austria) and Impuls (Graz/Austria). In recent years, they have increased their international presence with appearances in South America and New Zealand as well as continued appearances at major festivals throughout Europe. Current projects include a collaboration between the Ulysses Network, film director Peter Tscherkassky and a selection of prominent composers to create new soundtracks written for his films. 2019 will also include Nikel as soloists in a new opera from Chaya Czernowin.

In 2017 they released the self-produced and distributed 10 Year retrospective recordings, “A Decade,” consisting of 4 CDs of their repertoire and a DVD Documentation of the Wien Modern production of Alexander Schubert’s “Supramodal Parser”.


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