Translucent Spaces: Workshop Klaus Lang

Tutor: Klaus Lang


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Maximum capacity: 10


The general idea and starting point of this project is the attempt to develop new definitions of musical spaces through happenings positioned on the borderline of concert, installation and performance.

Space arises out of sound, is defined by sound – and vice versa: sound develops into a translucent space, which is influenced and shaped again also by the site, which by itself again is defined also by its own sounds, noises and specific conditions for a performance.
But it is not only the space per se, but also the temporality of a site that is influenced and changed by sound and the sounds own temporality.

A central point also for this special program is to work with what can be found at a specific site on spot, not to intrude and impose, and only carefully and gently interfere with what these sites unfold themselves, and to open up to new sounds that are already at least potentially existing at specific sites.

Out of nothing so to say a huge, but dense net of sound spaces is spreading and also hereby defines a city – places like windows in another time and another space.

Each participant decides on a specific place – we try to develop a concept together, which will both combine the various parts and actions, but also to some extent influence the further progress of the individual projects. (Klaus Lang)


2 August, 10am-1pm
3 August, 10am-1pm
4 August, 10am-1pm
12 August, 10am-1pm
13 August, 10am-1pm