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Finding Democracy in Music
Call for short interventions and responses

Finding Democracy in Music: Past Practices, Present Traumas, Possible Futures

In conjunction with their one-day conference on 22 July (10.00–16.30 at Mensa Lichtenbergschule), Robert Adlington and Liza Lim are inviting invite expressions of interest from course participants or Summer Course guests to offer short (c. 5-minute) interventions and responses to the scheduled contributions for this one-day conference on democracy in music. These short interventions will be timetabled towards the end of the day, prior to final general discussion, as follows:

10.30 Welcome / Lecture Robert Adlington:
“Imagining democracy in music: lessons from the past”
11.00 Lecture Cathy Milliken:
“Are democratic processes in musical practice realistic? Successes and pitfalls from the field”
11.30 Two respondents: David Helbich, Barbara Lüneburg
11.50 General discussion

12.30 Break

13.30 Lecture Noriko Manabe:
“We Gon’ Be Alright? The Sounds of Street Protests in Japan and the U.S.”
14.00 Respondent: Liza Lim
14.10 General discussion

14.45 Break

15.00 Lecture Georgina Born:
“Imagining New Musical Democracies – Renewing Audiencing”
15.30 Short interventions and responses arising from an Open Call, or from the previous days
16.00 General discussion and wrap

Contributions should engage with the conference themes (please see the description here), and are encouraged also to connect to aspects of the lectures, which will be circulated in advance.

To express interest in participation, please email Robert Adlington at with a short biography, your reason for wishing to contribute to the event, and likely area of focus for your intervention.

⏰ Closing date for expressions of interest: 8 July 2018

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