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Carlo Laurenzi

Which sound is special for you?

Every sound which has a complex vitality, an inner life, and that tells a story in itself is special. An interesting sound should be like a living organism, including other microorganisms inside, which follow a common destiny.

Which skill, that you’ve learned by working with ensembles, helps you in everyday life?

The ability to play with other musicians and to create a perfect balance between electronic and acoustic sounds is the most important to achieve the best musical result during a performance. And even when creating a piece, learning how to interact at the finest level can help to imagine the electronics sounds for a piece.

Is music science? Why (not)?

Of course music is science. It is based on scientific principles, and even though creating is sometimes more an intuitive process, a lot of research, investigation and experimentation is involved. Science comes before and after, and in the middle there is the imagination.

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