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Carola Bauckholt

What do you want to find out with your music?

Art and in particular music seems to be the medium to find out how our brain (emotions and mind included) operates. I am interested in the irrational side of our life. To come closer to that, I have to be very personal and I have to trust my intuition as strong as possible.

Where are the limits of notation?

The notation of my music is only a tool to communicate to the performer what I mean. It is extremely difficult and limited to communicate this. I often work very close with performers on the music and on the notation. Recordings of good performances are helping a lot to clarify all nuances which are not impossible to notate. On the other hand notation is helping me to be much more precise in my imagination.

What would be important for you when curating a concert / festival?

I would present the works of which I’m most excited about. Performed by musicians of which I’m thrilled. This personal view and decisions are very complex and multi-layered. This is not easy and needs an enormous knowledge, sensitivity, curiosity, artistic instinct and a wide horizon.


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