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James Clarke

How important is the context, in which your work is performed, to you? 

I welcome an environment of active concentration on the musical sound. Seeing performers as well as hearing them is a good way of concentrating the mind on the musical event. What I do not welcome are video, film or other such gimmicks: these immediately reduce the music to accompaniment. If one wants to use music to illustrate visual matters, that is one’s right. But it inevitably weakens and dilutes the intensity of the musical experience.

Is music science? Why (not)?

Everything is science. Music is audible mathematics. But our decisions when creating music and our reactions when listening to it are as yet impossible to analyse precisely.

Where are the limits of notation?

There are no limits to notation. Any method of writing down one’s intentions can be used. The more precisely one does this, the more precisely one will be understood. The limits are only of imagination.


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