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Marcelo Toledo

How important is the context, in which your work is performed, to you?

Because we are talking about the context of the ears and minds of those who belong to that particular context, context is almost everything. Imagine a work by Helmut Lachenmann performed at an isolated Amazon tribe. Imagine a group of Tibetan monks performing at Darmstadt.

Which sound is special for you?

No sound is special, and all sounds are special. It depends on the way we listen. It depends also on what is around that particular sound. A barking sound in the last seconds of a Beethoven Piano sonata is special. Back to the first question: context is almost everything.

Where are the limits of notation?

Musical notation has no limits. It will continue evolving as far as we have music that can open new worlds. The limits of musical notation are equal to the limits of music itself.


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