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Michele Marco Rossi

Which sound is special for you?

There’s no one particular sound that is special for me. What’s important is the relationships, the relations between the sounds, the links the composer uses to connect one sound to another and by doing so create a form. That link between sounds is always special for me.

How important is the context, in which you perform, to you? 

Very important, especially if it’s theatrical. The context influences and changes the musics and the performance each time, it enables you to discover new things in yourself and in the pieces you are playing, and it always becomes an active and fundamental part of the final outcome of the execution.

Where are the limits of notation?

Notation has major limits when it presumes to be able to indicate with absolute precision all the characteristics of the sounds the performer will produce. The live performance always discovers and shows us new possibilities of those sounds; and finally for the notation – even if it is very accurate, precise, and full of details – it is impossible to catch the final result of the meeting between composer, player and score.


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