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Nadar Ensemble

Stefan Prins (Artistic Director)

What makes artistic collaboration work?

A good artistic collaboration is like a good love relationship: first of all there needs to be chemistry and a healthy portion of admiration. And you need to have matching perspectives on what’s important, while at the same time you challenge each other. You need to trust each other unconditionally (also each other’s feedback, thoughts and comments) and respect each other’s autonomy, but you also want to let the other influence you and learn from the other. And you need to be able to have fun together!

What would be important for you when curating a concert/festival?

That the result is more than the sum of its parts. That through unexpected connections between the different artworks, new dimensions and ideas are unlocked. That every element, action, gesture, sound and image is integrated into the overall dramaturgy of the event. That the event is both sensorially and conceptually rich.


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