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Quartetto Maurice

What makes artistic collaboration work? 

A great artistic collaboration needs time. Time is the secret to build something that won’t collapse in any case. If you have time, you can go deeper and deeper inside the music and you can also slowly discover different aspects of yourself and of the relationship that the music generates between you and the quartet.

How important is the context, in which you perform, to you?

The context is very important to us! First of all, it is really determinant for the acoustic and for a quartet this is a crucial point. Furthermore, it is central concerning inspiration: a place could give us good vibrations or very bad feelings and it depends on a lot of different details, for example lights or the space between the audience and us. We love cozy rooms, that are really intimate for chamber music, but also big halls with great acoustic to enjoy the music over all!

Which skill, that you have learned by playing in an ensemble, is helpful for everyday life?

The most important thing that you understand after years of quartet’s life is to share. You have to share a lot of aspects of daily life, spaces and foods; but, mostly, you have to share feelings and emotions, on stage but not only, and it’s a great opportunity to grow up and to create true relationships between us, that go beyond work or study. Another thing is how to manage anxiety and stress: you understand day by day the meaning of the word “patience” and how to use it with colleagues and during your working experiences.



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