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Susanne Kirchmayr (Electric Indigo)
DJ, Komponistin, Performerin, Kuratorin

How important is the context, in which your work is performed, to you?

The context is invaluably important for me! Ranging from the physical context like the acoustics and atmosphere of a space, to the amount of people present –intimate settings vs. large audiences that create an impression of anonymity, to the setting (seated, standing, maybe lying audience, on an elevated stage, at same level as the visitors, in front, in the middle etc.), to the staff and security, to the quality of the technical equipment, to the kind of event, the other artists and performers, to the image and reputation of the event, to the geographic location (city, region), up to a political context in the background of an event. All these factors have an enormous impact on my concerts or DJ gigs and on their quality or maybe better put: gratification.

Is music science? Why (not)?

Of course, music can be science. But naturally, it is also very non-scientific as its qualities are volatile and often incapable of measurement. I guess the answer depends on how one approaches music.

What makes artistic collaboration work?

The right balance between friction and understanding on the one hand, the complementary qualities of each of the collaborators’ contributions on the other. And, not to forget, the compatibility of schedules :).


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