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Ensemble Apartment House London presents Julius Aglinskas, Ryoko Akama, Erika Bell, Louise Bourgeois, Jurga Šarapova (WP) and Darya Zvezdina (WP)

Sun 08 August 2021, 19.30
Centralstation (Saal)

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Darya Zvezdina: The boy with a wolf eye is melting and there is nothing I can do (2020) for string quartet – 10’

Louise Bourgeois: Insomnia Drawing (2021) for piano, percussion and string quartet – 5’

Ryoko Akama: I see everything as a failure (2019) for piano, percussion and string quartet – 10’

Erika Bell: Saint-Girons (2018) for piano, percussion and string quartet and pre-recorded audio – 15’

Julius Aglinskas: “ “ (2018) for string quartet and electronics – 10’

Darya Zvezdina: Bird’s neck is a secret crystal valley turned towards the releasing ray (2021) for cello and percussion, World Premiere – 10’

Jurga Šarapova: Songs of Meat (2021) for piano/keyboard, percussion and string quartet and pre-recorded audio, World Premiere – 10’

Apartment House:
George Barton (Percussion)
Kerry Yong (Piano/Keyboard)
Gordon Mackay (Violin)
Aisha Orazbayeva (Violin)
Bridget Carey (Viola)
Anton Lukoszevieze (Cello)

“Not: Art Not: Non-Art Not: Both Art and Non-Art Not: Neither Art nor Non-Art.” This sentence by George Brecht could be the credo for the British ensemble Apartment House: an overview across a broad horizon of the most diverse types of music of our time in which it has perhaps not been established what works are really ‘art’ and which are not. When the cellist and visual artist Anton Lukoszevieze founded the ensemble in 1995, naming it after John Cage’s monumental orchestral work Apartment House 1776, he created a fluid group of musicians who primarily focused on experimental composers and artists still unknown within the European and international cultural world. The program for the Darmstadt Summer Course 2021 reflects this impetus. With the exception of Ryoko Akama who supervised one of the electronic ateliers in the summer course 2018, all other names are new to Darmstadt – even the ensemble itself which has astonishingly enough never been a guest at previous summer courses.

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