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Bright Star

Music for electric guitar and organ with Yaron Deutsch and Klaus Lang

Sun 13 August 2023, 22.00



Klaus Lang: chanson lointain et douce (2021) for electric guitar solo

Klaus Lang und Yaron Deutsch: duet #1 (2023) for electric guitar and organ (WP)

Klaus Lang: bright star (2022) for electric guitar and organ (WP)

Yaron Deutsch (Electric Guitar)
Klaus Lang (Organ)

Klaus Lang and Yaron Deutsch had their first collaboration at the Darmstadt Summer Course in 2018 with the premiere of Lang’s bright darkness at the Orangerie garden, performed by ensemble Nikel. Since then the two have been in continuous musical dialogue circulating around their mutual interest in craft as a vital element in the artistic act. This manifested later in Lang’s solo work for electric guitar chanson lointaine et douce. And from there it was most natural for the two to enter the duo setting with their world premiere performance of bright star for electric guitar and organ. Although at first glance this combination of instruments seems to be quite far apart, Lang and Deutsch perceive the similarities to be greater than the differences with the two instruments possessing vast abilities of sonority, texture, polyphony, resonance and “reverberation”. These correspondences will echo in the improvised part (duet #1) that concludes the concert in the Stadtkirche.