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Concert by New York flutist Claire Chase

Thu 05 August 2021, 19.30
Lichtenbergschule (Große Sporthalle)

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Felipe Lara: Meditation and Calligraphy (2014) for amplified bass flute – 3′

Suzanne Farrin: The Stimulus of Loss (2016) for glissando flute and Ondes Martenot – 10′

George Lewis: Emergent (2016) for flute and electronics – 12′

Liza Lim: Excerpt from Sex Magic (2020):

Throat Song – 6’
for ocarina

Du Yun: An Empty Garlic (2014) for bass flute and electronics – 13′

Marcos Balter: Suite from Pan (2017/19):

Death of Pan (2017) – 4’
Echo (2020) – 5’
Soliloquy (2018) – 5’
for flute and electronics

The flautist Claire Chase from New York has a further 15 years to commission and premiere new works for solo flute, as the year 2036 marks the 100th anniversary of the first performance of Edgard Varèse’s groundbreaking solo flute work Density 21.5. The plan is to create an entire cosmos of new compositions for flute, each of which extends the musical borders of this instrument. The project already appears to be in full flow as nineteen new works have been created to date for the highly agile performer since its launch in 2013, contributed by composers including George Lewis, Liza Lim, Dai Fujikura, Olga Neuwirth, Pauline Oliveros, Tyshawn Sorey, Matthias Pintscher and many others. The results of the first five years of the project have now been documented on CD. Claire Chase will be participating for the first time in the Darmstadt Summer Course as a tutor: she will talk about the Density 2036 project and present compositions by Marcos Balter, Suzanne Farrin, Du Yun, George Lewis, Liza Lim and Felipe Lara.

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