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Listening stations in public space: A project by DEGEM at the Darmstadt Summer Course
AUDIO WALK (01.–11.08.2021)

Tue 10 August 2021, 00.00
Different locations in Darmstadt


A smartphone and headphones/earphones are required for the walk.

This year, the Darmstadt Summer Course will be working in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik (DEGEM) [German Society for Electroacoustic Music]. An audio walk will take participants to diverse public listening stations within the city of Darmstadt where works by DEGEM sound artists can be experienced. The connecting idea is ‘being touched’: the search is on for sounds which move us via our sense of hearing and ‘touch’ us through paths of perception, addressing our emotions, spirit and intellect. Kirsten Reese and Marc Behrens from DEGEM have searched for locations possessing specific striking audio circumstances where small signs are installed displaying QR codes. The relevant QR code can be scanned with your smartphone, allowing you to immerse yourself in a foreign sonic environment in the centre of Darmstadt.

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